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06 luglio 2021

Neurological Sciences: IF 2020

On behalf of the Editor-in-Chief of Neurological Sciences I am glad to inform you that Clarivate Analytics just announced the release of the 2020 Journal Citation Report (JCR) and that the 2020 Impact Factor of Neurological Sciences is  3,307 a nice increase compared to IF 2019: 2,415.

See the detail below

2020 Journal Impact Factor= 1918 citations /580 source items = 3,307

Self Cites to Years Used in Impact Factor Calculation: 394 (20% of 1918)


Even taking into account the inflationary effect on the 2020 Journal Impact Factors due to the few changes introduced by Clarivate Analytics and affecting the Impact Factor calculations (more information at, it is positive that Neurological Sciences is climbing the ladder at least in the category Clinical Neurology.

2020 IF places the journal in the 2nd quarter of Clinical Neurology and in the 3rd quarter of the category Neurosciences.

In the category Clinical Neurology, Neurological Sciences now ranks 103rd out of 208 journals while it ranked 115th out of 204 journals in 2019.

In the category Neurosciences, Neurological Sciences now ranks 161st out of 273 journals while it ranked 187th out of  271 journals in 2019.


I am pleased to take this opportunity to announce that the Italian Society of Neurology appointed Prof. Tagliavini (C. Besta Neurological Institute, Milan) as the new Editor in the Chief of the Journal. He will officially step into the new role next year. In the forthcoming months he will be Deputy Editor, working with Prof. Federico for 6 month transition and training period. Congratulations and a warm welcome to Prof. Tagliavini!


The most significant responsibility of a scientific journal is to ensure that all contributions submitted for publication are rigorously, but fairly reviewed. Therefore, I gratefully acknowledge your valuable support so far, and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some positive results and new forthcoming challenges.

As far as the key performance indicators are concerned, I am glad to report that the Journal has been growing over the last few years: submissions have increased by 33% in 2020 (more than 2400 submissions in 2020 and approx. 1300 in the first 6 months of 2021 so we expect submissions to be approx. 2600 by the end of the year) and are peer-reviewed with reasonable turnaround times that we aim at further improving: on average 59 days from submission to first decision and 131 days from submission to acceptance. Publications have boosted over the years and in 2020 720 articles were published in the Journal (+45 % vs 2019)

Full-text downloads have been consistently increasing in 2020 (approx. 575.095 downloads, +56% vs 2019) along with number of shares in the social media. 

Finally, the impact factor nicely increases and this consolidates the Journal’s long standing reputation in the field.


 To maintain the positive progression of the journal, I encourage you to continue offering support.

In particular, I kindly ask you to

  1. Timely manage manuscripts assigned to you or agree to review papers sent to you within 2 days and submit the review within 14 days.
  2. In an effort to further improve our review process, edit your profile in Editorial Manager, the journal manuscript tracking system, by entering your “Personal Classifications” to ensure you receive invitations to review manuscripts within your areas of expertise.  Please log in at
  3. Submit some of your original manuscripts to the journal.
  4. Kindly remember to cite of Neurological Sciences in your manuscripts submitted to other journals, if appropriate.
  5. Suggest cutting-edge topics to the EiC for invited articles or topical collections.
  6. Share interesting papers published in the Journal with your peers.
  7.            Have a look at the active topical collections at the following link: and help us promote them by encouraging your peers to submit or to read the articles published in the collections.


Let me remind you that Springer allows you to share articles with your peers quickly and legally. You can generate a Shared-It link by selecting this option from the menu located on the right of every article on SpringerLink. The link grants access to a view-only version of the article that cannot be printed or saved.  We encourage you to post content through your social media accounts, author websites, and institutional repositories to increase the visibility of the journal.


In addition to the Shared-It link, we invite you to promote your article through our Springer social media channels actively. Follow us on Twitter @ClinMedJournals  and like our Facebook page @springerclinmed to help us support your published articles and promote other journal activity. If you feature your published paper on SoMe (Social Media) please tag us, this will enable us to share your scientific activity on our pages as well.


Last but not least, we would like to highlight the Read and Publish agreements. Springer currently has a number of transformative Read and Publish deals. Authors from these participating regions (Austria, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Manipal, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, University of California) and institutions may publish their article Open Choice at no or reduced cost to the authors. Full details on the agreements can be read at this link:


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